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Aquaculture Zeolite The Magic Mineral


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Agriculture Zeolite Applications

AbzorbAll  - is a natural absorbent; it is non-carcinogen, environmentally friendly where many other absorbents are not. It is a porous, highly absorbent mineral with remarkable honeycomb structure and chemical properties. Absorbs 30% of its weight makes it a valuable in many applications: storm drain run off filtration, surface clean up (parking lots) and pollution control. MORE

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It’s time to begin grooming your fields for the hours of play ahead, this year consider using a ground conditioner that has high marks with professional grounds keepers.. 

Zeolite For Sports Fields
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Magic Mineral Oder Control. Controls oder by ion exchange for horses and all animal corrals. By absorbing the urine, interrupting the bacteria that causes THRUSH from horses standing in their urine. Slows reperduction of flys.


Clear as Crystal, 5-Pound Bag

Clear as Crystal is a unique form of Laumontite Crystal, Calcium Aluminum Silicate and when placed into pond water, produces oxygen, and balances pH.

Zeolite purifies the water through an ion exchange process, reducing toxic levels of ammonia, contains essential minerals that are utilized by the fish to keep them healthy and their color bright and will keep your pond clean and Clear as Crystal for 3 months.

Oil Absorbent Zeolite

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Zeolite has the double benefit of performing biological filtration substrate. As a bio-filter, the Zeolite absorbs the ammonium by Ion exchange witch reduces bacteria in your water.

Magic Mineral Zeolite is a unique form of Laumontite Crystal, calcium aluminum silicate. Contains essential minerals for plant tree and lawn health. Keeps moisture and fertlizer at root zone longer. Helps plants in a drought.

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Sports Fields

Glacia Mineral - Our mineral based  skincare products are used by people of all walks of life. The Naturalist aspects are clear, and our products are completely natural. Our products help aches and pains, plus republishes your skins minerals. MORE