an inexpensive, multi purpose product that gets amazing results!

Agriculture Zeolite

The Fertilizing Materials Inspection Program has completed a review of scientific data regarding silicon in fertilizing materials. After the review it was determined that the silicon guarantees and claims can be made on labeling under the following conditions and format:
36.68 Silicon Dioxide (SiO2) DERIVED FROM Zeo-Techs Magic Mineral zeolite (Calcium Feldspar) is high in silicon


Strengthens, promotion of upright status, resistance to lodging exposure of leaves to light  / Stress resistance, reduction of drought stress, tolerance to heat or cold stress. Increases agricultural productions (rice and sugar cane)

Silicon guarantees claims are currently acceptable for hydroponics or monocot plants such as turf, rice, bamboo, sugarcane, wheat and barley.

A laboratory analysis to verify the guarantee of the silicon is below
                 13-286F-02                13-286FH-01                       03-286Fw-02
                 EPA 3051                0.1 N hydrochloric acid        Water extraction
Silicon        2,806.83                       4,011.92                                36.68

Magic Mineral Zeolite is a unique form of Laumontite Crystal, calcium aluminum silicate. When in contact with water it produces oxygen, balances ph, purifies water through an Ion Exchange process, and reduces toxic levels of ammonia in its honeycomb structure. Contains essential minerals vital to plant health.

Magic Mineral, an inexpensive, multi purpose product that gets truly amazing results

Magic Mineral (MM) Reduces water requirements by 15-30%
MM is All-Natural and PH neutral MM holds 30% of its weight in water

Keeps water and nutrients at the root zone longer! When zeolite is pure, the color is colorless or white

Zeolite Mineral holds water at the root zone, perfect for Agriculture use. Reduces water usage, produces oxygen and balances Ph.