an inexpensive, multi purpose product that gets amazing results!


Magic Mineral Horse Stall  Freshener - Our Stall Sweetener is a Totally Non-Toxic Drying Agent for Horse Stalls, Corrals and all domestic animals. (Raw Zeolite Mineral)
Readily absorb the moisture. It neutralizes the acidity in urine and the ammonia in its honeycomb structure. There are no cover-up scent or other additives. It’s a natural product, which absorbs the moisture and controls the odors and the bacteria naturally.

Absorbs the moisture, interrupting the reproduction of the bacteria that causes THRUSH brought on by the horses standing in their urine. Can be helpful in preventing these conditions.

Controls odors and slows fly reproduction. It doesn’t kill the "live fly,” but it prevents the fly maggot reproduction. Less fly’s equals calmer houses with more energy to perform. All at a price, which enables you to use generously it out performs all other types of absorbents!

A must have when transporting horses and other animals in trailers.

Neutralizes the ammonia in urine, by ion exchange, changing it into ammonium nitrate, preventing pollution of the soil and absorbing excess moisture into its honeycomb structure. MM will even loosen up hard packed stall dirt, allowing for better drainage. Dispose of used MM Stall Sweetener into compost pile.

Directions after the usual cleaning, instead of your regular bedding material, first sprinkle MM generously in the area where the horse urinates. MM should be approximately 1/2", but the depth is not critical. Use your regular bedding material in all other places. It's OK for the bedding to cover Magic Mineral Stall Sweetener.

Magic Mineral Stall Sweetener is Available in 25 and 40lb bags and 1-Ton Super Sacks!
A local green product from Palmdale CA