Our mineral skincare products are made from the finest grade natural ingredientsand Laumontite, the highest grade of the mineral Zeolite, which is also known as Glacial Milk.

In the mountainous areas of the southern parts of Russia, people living well into their hundreds get their water for drinking and irrigation from the glaciers; water with minerals that make it appear milky. The main mineral ingredient of this "glacial milk" is Laumontite. The average particle sizes of the minerals are 7,000 times smaller than a human red blood cell.

The Laumontite carries negative ions or charges into the skin, empowering it with life-promoting energy and greater cell surface charge-an ion exchange.Laumontite is used to normalize toxic material, a great benefit to the body. Since it is a natural absorbent material, it draws toxins from the body and then neutralizes and detoxifies.

We are proud to present to you our hand-made soaps, specially formulated creams, lotions, mineral bath, and pH powder. All these products are designed with great thought and ten years of study and testing.

$40 Dollars Gift Bag
1) 8oz.  Exfoliating Cream foot and hand
2)  6 oz. Face and Body Cream
3) 1oz  Face and Body Cream
1)  3 1/2  Exfoliating Cream
2)  4 oz. Bars of Soap
1)  Bath Crystals


$20 Dollars a pound
Buy 2 pounds get a free gift!
We are a supplier of pure grade Powdered LAUMONTITE  ZEOLITE
Many customers use our powdered form for detox and health benefits.

$30 Dollars Gift Bag
1) 8 oz.  Exfoliating Cream foot and hand
1) 6 oz.  Face and Body Cream
1)  3 1/2  Exfoliating Cream
 1) 1 oz.  Face and Body Cream
 1) 4 oz.  Bar of soap

I would like to thank the makers of this wonderful product Glacia Mineral holistic therapy, so I wanted to submit my testimonial to Glacia Mineral website.

I am a licensed aesthetician and have been for several years. I am always shopping and testing new products for my self and my clients. I am also a professional make up artist in the film industry and have to take care of my actors skin care needs. The first thing I noticed, after using Glacia Mineral original therapy with the 30 minerals, was how gentle and soothing it was. It is extraordinarily healing. It must be a magical combination. It instantly sloughed off dead skin cells, which softens and rejuvenates new skin cells. After, regular use I noticed there was also a softening of fine lines, which is always the goal, especially for the ladies!

I use this treatment with the original formula every night, and a few times a week I go to bed with it on because I feel it is very healing during the night. While sleeping our metabolism slows down and our skin can really drink in fully, the benefits of the minerals. I also find it is gentle enough to use on my neck and chest which is a very delicate area. I cannot get over how soft my skin is! I also use the 2-n-1 bar of soap every day in the shower in place of my regular soap. It cleanses deeper and again exfoliates the dead skin cells, leaving my whole body feeling softer. I like the fact that it is all natural and helps control odor and removes toxins, I can surely feel the difference! I also must say my hands and feet have changed their look as well, this is truly an all over face and body phenomenon! this is a winner!
Lygia Orta

Hollywood Skin Consultant and Makeup Artist


Email Mark - zeomagic@yahoo.com

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