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Sports Fields

MAGIC MINERAL Ground Conditioner is a universal soil amendment ideal for all areas of vegetation requiring nutrients. (MM) will help carry your landscape through summer droughts holds nutrients at the root, zone longer.

Registration : Magic Mineral Ground Conditioner classified as a Agriculture Mineral Soil Amendment.

Application Procedure

Initial Treatment..............................4 Tons per acre
Lawns.............................................Surface broadcasting Vegetation & Lawns
Plants............................................ Turned into soil

Recommended Treatment Schedule  
2nd & 4th year............................................2 Tons per acre
Subsequent & intervening years.................l Ton per acre
Tree planting...............................................5-10 lbs. per excavation

Magic Mineral Ground Conditioner Formally known as Jack's Dirt For Baseball and Softball Installation

It’s time to begin grooming your fields for the hours of play ahead, this year consider using a ground conditioner that has high marks with professional grounds keepers. JGC is all-natural can reduces water requirements by 15-30%.
JGC  contains natural Zeolite, which have a three-dimensional honeycomb cell structure, which absorb and hold water, like a sponge  After a rainstorm your field will be playable within a short period of time, without being "soggy. This means fewer game cancellations. All-natural Magic Mineral drains like sand, firms up like clay, cushions like topsoil.

An Inexpensive, multi-purpose product that gets truly amazing results!
Other features of Magic Mineral Ground Conditioner include:
Retains moisture in the top three inches of the playing field surface!
Keeps the Topsoil From Blowing and The Field Nice and Soft.
Prevents Soil Erosion, Improves Drainage and Eliminates Standing Water.
Offers Dust Control, Keeps Topsoil From Blowing, Preserves Playing Field Quality.
Prevents Soil Compaction, Create Smoother and Safer Playing Surfaces.
Eliminates Need For Costly Top Soil, Clay And Sand.
Drains Like Sand,  Firms Up Like Clay, Cushions Like Top Soil.
Saves Time and Money On Field Maintenance.

Magic Mineral Ground Conditioner easy installation and application:

1. Roto-till desired area 3"-4" deep.   (6" in heavy traffic areas)
2. Spread a thin layer of "Jack’s” evenly over tilled area, using drop spreader.
3. Mix thoroughly to the full depth of tilled soil, tilling twice if necessary.
4. Grade surface as desired.  NOTE: Crown the field for proper drainage and less standing water.
5. Water thoroughly to full tilled depth.  Under normal conditions and sunny skies, treated areas should dry in 24 hours.
6. Scarify rolled area for desired cushion.

Michael Lee, City of Torrance Community Services Department, had this to say following installation of Jack's Ground Conditioner on 4 of his softball fields: “ I turned on the sprinklers and they kept running and running. I had never been able to water the fields so long without it running off.

Tommy Lewis, Grounds Superintendent at Burbank High School (Retired) said: "It drags out easy.  You feel like you're on a cushion. It doesn’t pack down; there's no dust blowing!"



eco friendly odor control soil amender in Los Angeles

The Zeo-Tech Difference Our Zeolite is Calcium Feldspar, which makes it PH neutral.Nature’s Way of Mineralizing the Landscape Industry! Magic Mineral is an all-natural soil amender its a boon to grounds superintendents, commercial growers and home gardeners a like. It combines many benefits in one easy-to-use soil amendment. Holds 30% of its weight in water.

Our all-natural Zeolite is the inexpensive, easy-to-apply solution that tackles your toughest issues right now. Dedicated to Eco-friendly solutions across the board, Zeo-Tech offers the property management consulting services you need. Our distinctive product line means a better solution every time.

1. An inexpensive, multi-purpose product that gets truly amazing results
2. Can be combine with all type of fertilizer    
3. Increase costs-effectiveness up to 50% (Reduce total fertilizer cost)    
4. Increase product output up to 80%    
5. Prevent loss of fertilizer nutrients (Not effected by rain or high temperature)    
6. Reservoir for the nutrients which are slowly released “on demand” with the plant itself regulating the up take of nutrients
as needed   
7. Balances the pH level of soils (soil conditioner)    
8. High cation exchange capacity (CEC)    
9. Increase crop’s immunity towards crops diseases   
10. Improves aeration and irrigation significantly    
11. 100% natural and organic    
12. Absorbs and holds potentially harmful or toxic substances in its honey cob structure   
13. Contain both Macro and Micro Nutrients    
14. Suitable for all kinds of crops (palm oil, coconut, paddy, fruit tree, rice, etc)    
15. Reduces the chance of root burning from excess ammonia    
16. Improves ammonia retention and reduces nitrogen losses

Can be combine with all type of fertilizer Increase costs-effectiveness up to 50% (Reduce total fertilizer cost)Increase product output up to 80%Balances the pH level of soils (soil conditioner)High cation exchange capacity (CEC)Increase crop’s immunity towards crops diseases Improves aeration and irrigation significantly100% natural and organic Absorbs and holds potentially harmful or toxic substances Contain both Macro and Micro Nutrients Suitable for all kinds of crops (palm oil, coconut, paddy, fruit tree, etc)Reduces the chance of root burning from excess ammonia Improves ammonia retention and reduces nitrogen loss.